Horses add a unique and magical sense of Beingness to conscious counseling and systemic constellations. Horses are beautiful and pure animals showing you in a subtle and loving way your own true power and the courage to follow your bliss.


Horses are open and sensitive and they mirror clearly what is consciously or unconsciously present in your system on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Their quiet peaceful Beingness is their natural state and a necessity as a prey animal to sense the environment to detect predators. The beautiful thing is that it is also our natural state of being, even though it is contemporarily deluded by our ego/mind.


It is an honour guide human beings together with my two horses Lieven and Kashmir. They bring all their natural gifts in every session and together we create a friendly and safe environment with only one goal: transcending the personal stories and worries and seeing and experiencing who you truly are. As a counsellor I trust and follow what is revealed in that moment and in that sacred field of consciousness.


Whatever your question is, in the space of not-knowing the essence will be exposed, if your person likes it or not. And that is the most beautiful thing: it gives you the opportunity to go beyond the mind into the heart. The insights, the experience to be with such an inspiring powerful animal and the heartfelt contact with a horse give an enormous intensification of your awareness. A new spacious outlook arises and a sparkling sense of aliveness.


It is possible to work with one or two horses and individual or with your partner. You are welcome for conscious counseling, with and/or without horses, in a cluster of at least 6 sessions for a profound acceleration and deepening of your inner process. You can contact me here for questions and requests.