A family constellation is a practical method that illuminates invisible, unspoken and unknown dynamics in all kind of systems and relationships. The constellation creates a three-dimensional spatial model, a ‘tableau vivant’, that can arise in the infinite field that connects everything and everybody as One, in the heart of existence. Furthermore a constellation allows the exploration of the area of the conscious and subconscious to reveal and heal the limiting patterns that derive due to traumatic events within a system. The constellation shows the essence of what is playing in your present situation, it is as if you look in the mirror of your family system. Trauma in early childhood, but also events with immense impact in the lives of our ancestors may, for example, restrict our life energy and health, cause the inability of making choices and/or taking responsibility in various aspects of our life. It is possible to disentangle difficult issues, move through barriers and challenges, heal relationships and clarify the essence of our (inner) struggle in an easy way. The facilitator creates a safe and reliable space, guides the process and applies relevant interventions. The client will experience liberation and relaxation while receiving insights and tapping into fresh resources. Ultimately, realizing the Truth or in other words, embracing love and pain and going beyond the mind, conditioning and everything you thought was real until now, is the most courageous and healing step you can take to enlighten your life!


We work in a small group and the participants can be representative for members of your family system and/or other elements that are applicable in the current situation, without any further knowledge. Representatives make the relationships and undercurrent at soul level in your family system visible and tangible during the constellation. The image, movements and feelings during the process of the constellation will be healing in various layers of the system. A new perspective will arise along with feelings of relaxation and liberation resulting in a clarity and ability to make conscious choices and changes.


It is advisable prior to participation to check some facts that had an impact on your family of origin and your family system. If possible, enquire with your (grand) parents on both sides. Events or situations that have had an impact, such as miscarriage, abortion, accidents, war and/or violence, diseases, adoption and emigration are relevant. Only factual events are requested, no details, since constellations are a direct method to bypass all stories of the mind.


An increased awareness and deliberate focus of your attention towards the heart will enhance the healing effect of a constellation in any form. Private intensive counseling that guide you in this conscious process are offered separately, see elsewhere on this site. Please contact me here for more information, specific questions, prices and reservation of a family constallation and/or individual counseling.