The purpose of the counseling, solo intensives and retreats that are offered by is seeing and experiencing the truth of who you are and living your life from that one perspective. The family constellations and the knowledge of systemic laws are applied to facilitate an inner process that leads to self-realisation and the experience of unbroken happiness.


Family constellations are an additional profound healing aid for beings who are experiencing a persistent conscious or unconscious attachment to and suffering from present personal circumstances. The cause of suffering is the conditioning, beliefs and behaviour of the body/mind (personal consciousness) and the for the body/mind unconscious effects of the family/collective consciousness (soul). And in addition to that the from the personal perspective understandable but futile attempts to live a truly happy and peaceful life within a world that consists of contrasts and changes. Systemic constellations can heal at a deep soul level in an effortless way. It is always beautiful and touching to see how human beings lighten up when they are liberated from sometimes heavy burdens. Beyond all this there is only One Heart and living your life from that space will bring joy, happiness and unconditional Love.


Intensive counseling opportunities that are focussed on awareness and guide you in this inner process are offered separately elsewhere on this site.