A solo intensive is an in depth and powerful 3-day retreat for acceleration of your personal development. The ultimate purpose of this individual retreat and the counseling during these intensive days is Self-realisation. The entrance point for a solo intensive can be diverse. It is suitable for Beings who begin to recognize the truth within the direct and clear non-dual path as well as the One who is already courageously dedicated to an inner process and desires to be immersed herein more intensely.

Furthermore, a solo intensive is an ultimate opportunity for executives to resume, be aware of the big picture and redefine their personal and leadership position. For elucidation and an additional approach please read the page executive counseling.

The all-inclusive 3-days/4-nights solo consists of two extended one-on-one sessions with Claudia per day combined with meditation, silent- and powerwalks in nature and for example 'I'-gazing. Some parts of the programme can be provided by another facilitator, depending on what feels suitable and good for you in the moment. Most of all: leaving everything and being and feeling Awake and Alive! Dates depending on availability of the selected beautiful B&B, situated in a natural environment in the centre of the Netherlands (all year round).


For your questions and requests please contact me here. I'd love to meet you, strengthen your courage, surpass any imagined obstacles and intensify your process to discover your Self.