The last 10 years my existence was about the search for Truth. Obviously, my souls plan was to go beyond illusions in this lifetime and I Am immensely grateful for that. The first few years I was not sure what I was searching for, but there was a longing in my heart for another way, another viewpoint from where I could see only Love and Peace instead of attack and fear. First it was more a concept, but my experience changed along the way. Every time there seemed something wrong or something was bothering me, I changed my perception of what was ‘going on’ in the outer world. I looked inside and changed my beliefs, forgave everything and everyone and most of all myself for believing it was all real and for blaming others. All this I learned through the spiritual non-dual path of A Course in Miracles, which is very practical and applicable and suited me very well.


I learned to trust guidance and follow my Inner Voice no matter what and in the last year the experience of something greater than the body/mind was becoming more and more apparent. An immense gratitude filled my heart and I trusted even more. A Course in Miracles prepared me to understand and apply the non-dual teachings of Mooji. His direct pointings gave me the final push into the experience of the Immensity of the Truth.


Now my life is all about experiencing the Freedom and Love of my True Self and trusting Divine Guidance. The unspeakable Gratitude, Peace and Joy that arises from knowing my True Self is something I want to extend to other beings. I am of service to and guide those who are genuinely searching to discover this Holy Grail. That is the Purpose of my Being.


With Love, Wilma Verbeek.