Conscious counseling is an individual direct and profound guidance towards Self-realisation. In 6-10 intensive one-on-one sessions I assist you in rising your awareness and discovering your true essence, that which you always already are. At the same time I guide you in being aware of the mind every time it is distracting you with thoughts and stories and worries about past and future. The mind will definitely try to convince you that this inner process is difficult, but to tell you the Truth, it can be amazingly effortless.


Please realise that Self-realisation is not about collecting knowledge and it is not a fancy way to accelerate your life. It is about accepting what you are not: the body/mind and the play of love and fear and the false idea of separation. Simultaneously, it is about accepting the miraculous simplicity of the Truth. Realizing the indescribable bright shining beauty that You are equals the experience of joy, happiness, peace and unconditional love!


Do you sense this vibrant yearning in your heart to be truly Awake and Alive and are you ready to diligently commit yourself to This? Then please contact me here, I’d love to meet You!