Please carefully read and make sure you understand the below Terms and Conditions before registering for an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive).

If you have any questions, please contact us.



I agree that awakeandalive.one, Claudia Jacintha van der Heijden and partners, facilitators, helpers and agents, herein referred to as the Organization or us/we/our, shall not be liable for any adverse physical, emotional or psychological effects arising during an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive) and/or my visit/stay at the event venue and cannot monitor my physical, emotional and psychological state. I understand that participating in an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive) may activate a physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction. I take full responsibility for assessing and deciding to accept any risks I may incur as a result of participation in an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive) as well as any risks deriving from my visit/stay at the event venue. I agree to fully take the liability for any injuries or damages I might experience arising out of my participation and/or from my visit/staying at the event venue.



I understand that all events and instructions will be in English (or Dutch if applicable), and I take full responsibility for the understanding of all the instructions, especially if English (or Dutch if applicable) is not my first language.



I understand that I am responsible for having all necessary traveling documents including valid passport and any necessary visas allowing me to visit/stay at the event venue.



We encourage you to have an appropriate travel insurance.



I understand and agree that any and all recordings, for example voice recordings, images, photos or written words of Claudia Jacintha are copyright of awakeandalive.one and cannot be used for any purpose without prior written permission from awakeandalive.one.

I understand and agree that I may be photographed or be the subject of video, audio, video-audio recordings or visuals of any kind (collectively referred to as “Material”) taken during my attendance to an event (counseling, retreats and/or intensives) that awakeandalive.one is the sole owner of all copyright on the above mentioned Material.

I waive all of my rights to this Material, and consent that it may be used without compensation to me of any kind, for an unlimited period of time. I understand my image, voice or dialogue may be used in the sharing and promotion or other educational and informational purposes.

I agree to use any Material shared with me with integrity and respect for the Organisation, and only for personal and non-commercial purpose. I agree that I will not take any photographs, audio, video or audio-video recordings of any kind while I am attending counseling, retreats and intensives and/or during my visit/stay at the event venue.

In the unlikely situation that in spite of the aforementioned provisions, I will take photos, recordings of any kind, audio, video, audio-video of Claudia Jacintha, of the event venue and/or other participants, I agree that they shall become as well the ownership of awakeandalive.one free of charge, for an unlimited period of time, so that awakeandalive.one is entitled to ask me with no limitation for any/all of the following actions: to delete and/or destroy the envisaged material, to share it with awakeandalive.one free of charge for an unlimited period of time, or to refrain from using the Material without written consent of awakeandalive.one.



I understand and agree that I must disclose an emergency contact name, phone number and/or email address, in case I register to an event (counseling, retreat or intensive), that shall be used in the unlikely situation when my physical, mental health and/or safety, or that of others, is in jeopardy. I confirm that I have the emergency contact person’s consent to disclose their data for this reason. I understand and agree that the assessment of the gravity of a situation shall be at the discretion of the Organisation.



Means any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our normal control, which the consequences of could not have been avoided even when exercising all due care. Such circumstances or events include, but are not limited to, war, or threat of war, riot, civil unrest, industrial disputes or strikes, unavoidable technical problems with the visa, transport, or closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural disasters, industrial disasters, fire, theft, flooding and adverse weather conditions. In the event of any of the above refunds or compensation payments cannot be made.

Thus, in the unlikely situation of a Force Majeure event, before and/or during attending an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive) and/or, if the case arises, during your visit/stay at the event venue, we reserve the right to stop the event and/or ask you to leave the event venue without the possibility to be held liable for any damages you may encounter out of this Force Majeure event happening.



If you cancel your participation in an event (counseling, retreat and/or intensive) for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply:

  • If you cancel up to 31 days before the event you will receive a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel 30 days to 15 days before the event you will receive a 25% refund.
  • If you cancel 14 days to 0 days before the event you will not receive any refund.
  • After an event has ended, we reserve our right to refuse any refund.
  • The above days are calendar days, not including the day on which the event starts.
  • Please note that tickets are non-transferable, and as such it is not possible to sell, give or otherwise transfer your ticket to another person.



Counseling, intensives and retreats as offered by awakeandalive.one are not a replacement for any therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis. It is very important to understand that we offer various ways for self-realisation, however they are not meant as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any change or discontinuation of therapeutic, psychological, psychiatric or other medical treatment should be undertaken with the supervision and guidance of a medical or other specialist mental health clinician.


If you are currently receiving or have previously received any medical treatment or therapy for issues related to mental health, the counseling, intensives and retreats may not be suitable for you. Please check before registration your medical or other mental health clinician to inquire if this is suitable for you at this moment.


Everyone who experiences psychiatric conditions, or other unusually strong emotional conditions might not benefit from this type of counseling. Occasionally, being in such an environment can adversely affect pre-existing mental health conditions. Conscious counseling, intensives and retreats are not the cause, but they may bring up latent traumatic imprints or deep-rooted tendencies in the body-mind, which can trigger strong, seemingly overwhelming, thoughts, emotional responses and behaviour. A participant with a mental health condition may feel overwhelmed by this and additional medical and psychiatric support may be required. Please be aware that we are not able to provide this type of support or expertise.


Please consult your medical health specialist for confirmation if participating in conscious counseling, intensives and retreats as offered by awakeandalive.one is or is not suitable for your present (mental-) health condition. If one of the following circumstances is applicable then participating may not suitable for you at this moment:

  • Suffering of a or any anxiety-, mood- and/or personality disorder(s), OCD, schizophrenia and psychosis.
  • Taking prescribed or non-prescribed medication for the treatment of a mental health condition.
  • Having used any psychotropic (mind altering) non-prescription drugs for recreational, spiritual or self-medicating purposes within the past 6 months.
  • Having any substance use disorders, including harmful use, dependence and addiction.
  • Having undertaken a detoxification from substance use within the past 12 months.
  • Having experienced any aggravation or deterioration of your mental health during the past 12 months irrespective of whether you have sought specialist advice or not.
  • Having ever experienced any unpleasant or unwanted effects, including physical, cognitive, emotional or ‘energetic’ effects, that have persisted beyond the duration of your participation in a spiritual practice or retreat, which may have interfered in your well-being and/or functional abilities.



Any changes we may make to our Terms and Condition in the future will be posted on the conditions page of awakeandalive.one and, where appropriate, notified to you by email.

These Terms and Conditions apply equally for all events and activities organised by awakeandalive.one.