Who am I? I am.

As an individualised expression of Consciousness in this world, I realised thanks to the direct non-dual path of Self-realisation that the ultimate purpose of life is waking up to the Truth. After a spiritual quest of more than twenty years I discovered that this One Truth was what I actually was searching for. I had several experiences of all-embracing Awareness in my life, feeling it, but not realising the true significance of it. Now I know it to be the pure essence of my Being and I call it ‘Love and Oneness’.


Expressing myself here as Claudia as the person I always believed to be, feels irrelevant. But, for everyone who is interested in my background, you can read about it on the systemic constellations pages. In addition to that: I love being in nature and in a heart to heart contact with my son, close friends and the sweet animal beings who enrich my life, 4 cats and 2 horses. I love to do tarot readings as a playful and intuitive way to clarify the sometimes unconscious patterns within the body/mind. I will bring this and a colourful life experience with me when we encounter, as one package of happening in the non-happening. Most of all, may you feel, sense and know the immaculate Truth of our shared Beingness.


I love to share some things about my inner process and how I devoted myself to God. While not being raised in a specific religion, devotion just happened and I started praying several years ago. Shortly after I received the darshan of Amma two years ago, I saw a short video that touched my heart so deeply that I finally knew what this quest was all about. I immersed myself in non-dual teachings and self-inquiry and dedicated myself to an inner process, so diligently, that at some moments it felt like endurance, as not of this world and opposed to more or less everything I always thought was real. In fact, that is what it is, not of this world. The yearning for and the deep sense of the Truth was so clear, that nothing could interfere this process and I am indescribable happy that I could muster the perseverance to go on. I stopped doing what I always did and I started trusting. I stopped the world, started meditating. I saw and read countless non-dual youtube videos and books and I attended live several silent and self-realisation retreats. I definitely have been living like a hermit and I am happy that I can see now what is real and what not. Anyway, an everlasting sense of joy and happiness is abiding in my Heart and I am of service to other beings to realise ‘Love and Oneness’.


I have been supported by a few dear loving beings, all of them immersed in a similar inner process, and I am so grateful for that. What a beautiful and magical gift to Be in this together, as One. I am infinite grateful for Amma, Bentinho Massaro, Eckhart Tolle and Mooji as living examples of the Truth and their guidance to the discovery of who I am. I am also infinite grateful for the enlightened masters Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Paramahansa Yogananda for their appearance and for shining their divine Light on this strong and stubborn mind of ‘mine’. 


No words to describe the gratitude for the power of grace and the Love of the One.



A seed was planted

in very rich soil

abiding a shimmering dream

of inherent potential.


This seed, destined to be awoken

by the silent kiss of the One,

is now flowering abundantly

in the bright light of the Sun.