A business constellation is a method to attain insights in and answers to current issues in organisations. Next to acquiring clarity to be able to take certain decisions, a constellation is a beautiful way to realise necessary transformations in patterns and dynamics within the organisation that are causing negative effects on specific components: human beings, products, services, cooperation, relationships, processes, results and future opportunities.

Systemic constellations are therefore an effective tool for executives and board members to look profoundly at the oftentimes unconscious cause of situations and to bring stagnant matters into motion. Constellations are a unique chance for innovative leaders to investigate how they can take on an essential role to elevate and accelerate the organisation at multiple levels. 


A constellation is a three-dimensional model, a ‘tableau vivant’, wherein people from outside the organisation without any further information about the situation, represent the relevant components that play a part in the situation at that moment. The entire picture including the specific movements of the representatives clarify the essence of the question at hand and can show possible interventions. This gives the organisation as well as related human beings new space for growth, success and joyful cooperation.


Before every business constellation I will take a systemic interview (telephone or Skype) to create a picture and feeling of the organisation (chart, purpose, environment and history) and also the present situation and most relevant question. I always invite experienced representatives. It is accustomed and oftentimes the most practical solution to set up the constellation and invite the representatives at the location of your own organisation. For that reason I momentarily only guide business constellations in the Netherlands and in Dutch. Neutrality and confidentiality are self-evident.


I am looking foreward to meet you and explore questions and answers in the fertile knowing field of systemic constellations.

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