Do you feel a yearning to discover the Truth of who you are? The direct non-dual path to Self-realisation transcends everything that is not genuine and what is seemingly veiling the real you, the One that you always already are. This path will lead you from mind to Heart, an inner process that can be very short and effortless because the Truth is clear and simple: you are pure bright shining Existence, One with all. The mind will definitely try to convince you of the contrary over and over again, so this is where dedication, meditation and conscious presence come into play. CLAUDIA JACINTHA can guide you in a direct and clear way, but she can only walk with you for a short while. Because solely by your own seeing and experience you will find out that true happiness, joy, peace and unconditional Love reside eternally in your Heart.






When you can feel or sense the message within these words, then you will find your way to Claudia at perfect timing. Please find out the possibilities she and can offer you in the following text and by clicking on the images below:




A family constellation is a practical method that illuminates mainly invisible, unspoken and unknown dynamics in a family system and it shows the essence of what is playing in your present situation. A constellations is a 3-dimensional spatial model that can arise in the consciuous field that connects everything and everybody. A constellation can heal relationships, break through limiting patterns and improve present circumstances that mainly derive due to early childhood (traumatic) events. Thanks to the insights and the overall healing effect you are able to tap into fresh resources and experience liberation and relaxation. Click here to make a reservation.


CONSCIOUS COUNSELING 1-on-1: individual direct and profound guidance. Intensive one-on-one sessions to assist you in rising your awareness and discovering your true essence. Within the cluster of 6 sessions an individual systemic constellation and/or sessions with my horses is possible. Live in Harderwijk in the centre of the Netherlands or by online sessions, in Dutch or English. When you book 6 sessions in the first 4 months of 2020 you pay only 4 sessions! Because of the corona measures until Juni 1, 2020, I offer this discount of 33,33 % until that date!


SOLO INTENSIVE: a solo intensive is an in depth 3-days/4-nights all-inclusive individual retreat to accelerate your personal development. Two extended one-on-one sessions with Claudia per day combined with meditation, contemplation, silent- and powerwalks in nature and 'I'-gazing. An individual systemic constellation and/or a session with one of my horses are optional. Most of all: leaving everything and being and feeling Awake and Alive! Dates depending on availability of a beautiful B&B in a natural environment near Harderwijk in the centre of the Netherlands. Available again after June 1, 2020.


EXECUTIVE COUNSELING 1-on-1: confidential counseling for executives. High level counseling for conscious leaders who wish to finetune their awareness and individual qualities and infuse their role as a leader with this advanced wisdom for the benefit of all: business, related human beings and society in general. Available in the Netherlands with a minimum of 6 intensive sessions and as an individual 3-day retreat (see Solo Intensive). As a seperate tool or in addition to executive counseling I offer business constellations to attain clear insights in the essence of current issues on multiple levels in your organisation.




Who am I? I am. To know me, is to know you. As Everything. I, as an individualised expression of Consciousness in this world, realised thanks to the direct non-dual path of Self-realisation that the ultimate purpose of life is waking up to the Truth. After a spiritual search of more than twenty years I discovered what I actually was looking for. That insight dashed right into my heart and this One Truth was so tangible that it was the fuel for an uncompromising process, absolutely illuminated by divine Love and Grace.


What I can offer you, is best described by and felt in my next poem. It is an expression of my innermost purest softest feminine sense of Self represented by the white feathered Queen. She resides in my heart in divine union with the King, representing the creative life force of this universe. Simultaneously it is clear that the One is the absolute Source, beyond feminine and masculine principles.


Now, my Beloved,

find your comfort in this feathered nest,

your warm and loving base.


How pure you are,

immaculate female Truth.

Holding you soft and gentle

is a symbol

of everything I AM

and everything

I have to give.




Waking up to this immaculate Truth is seeing and experiencing who you in essence are. Being aware of this changes everything and reveals the unchanging. Dedicating yourself to the process of awakening is the most beautiful gift a human being can give to its unconditionally loving Self. It means transcending our human experience and all we ever thought was real. That is the challenge and the honour we have been given in this life and in relationship to other beings and the Earth. Beyond the personal level of stories and worries about past and future… surpassing shame, blame, guilt, judgement and the fear of lack... dissolving the fear for speaking our Truth and being crucified for just being our pure innocent Self. In other words, transcending the mind and its play of love and fear and the false idea of separation.


Being Awake and living your life from that one true perspective is Being Alive. The beauty, the love, the power and the bliss of this radiant Beingness is beyond this world, indescribable. Do you sense this vibrant yearning in your heart to be truly Awake and Alive and are you ready to diligently commit yourself to This? Then the non-dual path in all its miraculous simplicity is definitely for you. Because you are always already your bright shining pure divine Self. You will realise that you are Life itself.


I established to be of service as a guide to other human beings to wake up to the unconditional Love of the untouched One. Such realisation will inevitably lead to a glorious and powerful life and being of selfless service to others, even if it is just by being your radiant Self.




are One.

Free to dance

life’s beauty in absolute



With infinite Love, Claudia Jacintha.